The position is currently vacant.

  1. Overall Duties of the department

The Department of Housing and Community Services is mandated by council to provide housing, welfare and community services in order to:

  1. reduce/eliminate homelessness
  2. Provide commercial, industrial, institutional and other business stands
  3. Promote poverty-intervention strategies like vending, small to medium enterprises development, skills training, public works and welfare programmes for vulnerable groups
  4. Empower socially disadvantaged groups.


  1. Sections
  2. Housing Administration

The Department of Housing is the custodian of all council land and housing stock.  The Department is responsible for land management, planning of new housing schemes and implementation of the same, administration of leases and interfacing with the community on all Council housing issues.


  1. Welfare & Community Services

The Department of Housing and Community Services is responsible for the management and maintenance of community facilities and infrastructure such as Nyamhunga hall, Mahombekombe Hall, Mahombekombe Amptheatre, Pat Mclean Theatre, Mahombekombe communal toilets, Nyanhewe Primary school and Mahombekombe secondary school, Nyamhunga stadium Chaminuka stadium and Kariba Cemetery.


  1. Parks & Gardens

The Parks and Gardens section is in charge of maintenance of all parks and gardens to meet the town’s vision being ‘To be the ultimate tourist destination’.


  1. Income Generating projects

Responsible for the management of two Council liquor outlets that is Nyamhunga Beerhall and Mahombekombe Beerhall and income generating projects such as Mopani Bay Campsite. A number of strategies have been put in place to turn around the fortunes of these entities which plays an important role in contributing financial resources to council.


  1. Markets and Shops

The Department of Housing is responsible for the development, management and maintenance of all markets and vendor marts within the town.  It is also the Housing department’s responsibility to maintain cleanliness of the same.


  1. Major Services Offered
  2. Housing Administration
  • Stands allocation through housing waiting list
  • processing of cessions,
  • Management of social housing
  • Administration of the various Agreements of Sale and leases for council properties
  • Carrying out housing need assessment


  1. Welfare & Community Services
  • Maintenance and management of community facilities
  • Working together with NGOs in assisting the poor (Tony Waite, ZNFPC, Family Trust)


  1. Cemetery
  • Management and upkeep of the local cemetery


  1. street cleaning
  • Maintaining the cleanliness of the shopping centres, open space and markets.