Mr Saratiere Chitenhe was born on 00 Month Year. He attended his Ordinary Level at XXXXX and his Advanced level at XXXX. He is a holder of Bachelor of Accountancy Honours Degree from the University of Zimbabwe. He is a holder of some professional courses and a member of these boards;


  1. lCPAZ( Institute Of Certified Public Accountants Zimbabwe )
  2. IMFO( Institute Of Municipal Finance Officers )
  3. Certified Bookkeepers
  4. Rpacc (Registered Public Accountant)


Mr Chitenhe worked for Victoria Falls Municipality as the Town Treasurer and UDICORP as an auditor.




  1. Financial Management

The finance department objectives are

  • To improve cash-flow management from 51% to 55%.
  • To increase collection efficiency
  1. Procurement of goods and services
  • To have improves stock requirements
  • To provide for critical stock items.
  1. Budget Preparation
  • To have an approved budget at the beginning of each year.
  • To do budget consultations and engage stakeholders.


  1. Financial Statements preparation
  • To have audited financial statements each year.
  • To produce financial reports to management each month.


ICT Section

The Information Communication Technology is housed under the finance department. The section ensures connectivity to all the departments of the organisation. Among other duties the section also ensures that:

  • IT policy adherence
  • Maintains the database system and ensures data integrity, protection and performance of the systems.
  • Develops procedures to maintain security and protect system from unauthorised use. Analyses system log –in order  to identify potential issues with the computer systems (unauthorised users)
  • Introduces and integrates new technologies into existing data centre technologies
  • Performs routine audits of the system and software
  • Develops, maintains and monitors procedures for all server backups
  • Monitors, plans and coordinates the distribution of client server software and service

servers, network equipment and network applications

  • Trains all departments on the PROMUN accounting package and other packages.

Trains users on various computer packages e.g. MS word, excel etc.