Kariba Municipality Mandate

  • Planning and development control;
  • Water and sewerage reticulation;
  • Markets and shops;
  • Cemeteries;
  • Fire and ambulance;
  • Refuse and garbage collection;
  • Recreational parks and street lighting;
  • Roads and drainage systems;
  • Housing and community development;
  • Education and early childhood care;
  • Health care facilities;

Our Commitment To Residents

The provision of our service will be based on the principles of putting people first and we undertake to honour these principles. We commit ourselves through this charter to the following principles;

  • Handle Customers with dignity, courteous and respect;
  • Provide Customers with adequate information about services in an accountable and transparent manner;
  • Set clear and explicit standards of service;
  • Communicate clearly and effectively;
  • Uphold and safeguard the independence of the Council in the discharge of its mandate;
  • Take corrective action on errors and deficiencies that may occur;
  • Uphold transparency and accountability;
  • Devise a monitoring and evaluation system to keep track of performance of the Council;
  • Utilise resources prudently to attain best value for users, citizens and taxpayers;
  • Uphold principles of natural justice at all times;
  • Cultivate dynamism and innovative practices through continuous improvements of systems and processes;